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death to safer spaces policies, long live anti-oppression policies

"'Do It Yourself'. Don't break up the global aspect of play by reducing it to roles. Defend your right to enjoy life. Obstruct capital's death project. The latter can only enter the world of creativity and play by transforming who is playing into a 'player', the living creator into a dead person who cheats themselves into believing they are alive."

from Alfredo Bonanno’s Armed Joy (via born-deleuze)



Taking Space: A Documentary Trailer I

"Anything that we’ve got that is decent, is not the result of the benevolence of people in power"

Taking Space is a documentary compendium on how, why and where individuals carve out and retain autonomous space, with a specific focus on Southern California.

We’ve been shooting for just over a month and recently finished stitching together this rough trailer with footage from the Ché Café. Feel free to follow this page if you are interested in getting updates on the filming and editing process.


Last night in my dream I was in the city, I was alone and sitting on the curb outside a warehouse show, there was a crack in the door and I could see in just enough and you could hear the music just fine from there. There were other small groups of people scattered around the street, everything felt smooth like we were all on the same page- it was just a good night. The street lights on the row homes were the perfect late night glow, and if I stood on my tippy toes I could see the skyline in the distance, underneath that familiar purplish, light polluted sky. I got on my bike and road the long way home. I felt better, right, the way I’ve wanted to in real life, the point to get back to for longer than I even want to acknowledge now. Even my subconscious knows, and there’s not even that much to it ( it’s the the little things, always).

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